Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kublacon & Painting Projects

Another long hiatus on the blog, but I have been busy!  Let's start with some recent news.

So this last holiday weekend was Kublacon which I have been to I think 4 times the last five years.  I've always had a great time at this event even though there have been some wacky surprises a few years.  This was going to be the last 6th edition tournament for me, so I decided to break out the Taudar from the LVO raffle for what is likely their only appearance at a tournament.

Ethereal- warlord
Commander- Vectored Thrusters, Onager Gauntlet, C&C Node, Puretide Chip, MSSS, Iridium
Riptide- SMS, Ion Accelerator, Skyfire/Interceptor
Riptide- SMS, Heavy Burst Cannon, Skyfire/Interceptor
9 Firewarriors
9 Firewarriors
9 Pathfinders
3 MissileSides, 6 Missile Drones, 2 Interceptor, 1 Split Fire
Farseer- Jetbike, Runes of Warding, Singing Spear
3 Jetbikes
3 Jetbikes
Aegis, Quadgun

I wasn't sure I had enough troops but I thought with the BAO missions I'd have a chance.

I played Sisters, GravStar Marines, and Mech Eldar.  The Sisters player has whooped me at least once (possibly twice if I recall) at other events.  The other two players I had seen around event but never played.  They were all great guys and all three games were close well fought games.

I did manage to win all 3 games.  Out of 10 points each round I scored 6 against sister, 9 against the Grav Star, then 6 again against the Mech Eldar.

I few notes from the games:
-I reserved my troops most games as I wanted to keep them alive and most of these lists had some range on them.
-My first two games had LOS blocking terrain which really helped me actually.  In particular my second game it helped me keep my MCs circling out of LOS of the mega GravStar.
-Only the eldar player had a flyer (Crimson Hunter)
-I nova charged a lot and failed probalby over half!

So the games were fun and I did go 3-0.  Of course there were a number of other guys who went 3-0, including Team Zero Comp team mates Reece, Grant, and Jason. The surprise of the day for me was I was given 0 hobby points because I didn't paint my army.  Now I'm all for not getting a painting prize but I was surprised to see a 0.  After all there were a number of players there that played with armies that either were not their own or were pro painted.  Had I got my actual hobby score I would have gone 3rd overall I think.

The only thing I was really worried about was how it would affect the ITC.  However Reece told me they only count the Victory/Battle Points and wins, not the soft scores.  So what anger I had immediately felt dissipated quickly.  It was still a great time and a fun event.

Beyond that I have been working on many projects!  The first and largest this last month is Anthony's Necrons.

He had a lot of warriors already, so I took the best looking of them and gave them a quick update.

The guy on the right was how they were.  I essentially just brightened them up and added some highlights to the green glow.  Since this picture I also decided to change the cabling to orange to help give them a bit more pop.

After getting the first half of the warriors done we decided we would keep the same basing for now, but that green ring had to go.  So I did a couple of tests for Anthony to see.

In the end we went for one of the mid-dark ones.  And I tried to recreate the basing on the one new wraith Anthony had given me.

So I was pretty happy with that.  Anthony had come over and we had spent an afternoon airbrushing and washing all the vehicles.  Now a few weeks later I've done up all the details.

So I think these are looking pretty darn good for trying to get done reasonably quickly.  I'm working on mass Wraith assembly now and hopefully will spend the weekend airbrushing and next week finishing them up as well.  I'd like to get them done so I can move on to my Black Dragon's in earnest.

A small side project I decided to finish up were a few Lizardmen I had mostly done.  Hey Fantasy models on the painting table!

Nothing too fancy and I didn't really add the extra bits to the bases but good enough for now.

I have been doing some work on my Black Dragons as well, but this post is already plenty long.  It will give me something else to post about in a few days!

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