Friday, October 3, 2014

Ork Thoughts for 7th Edition

So tomorrow is Brawl in the Fall and I'm going to be taking my bike list I mentioned last post.  I'm hoping to grab some points but I don't really have super high expectations.  I don't feel like I've gotten enough practice and I could see easily dropping an early game.  Either way it is going to be a good time!

I have been thinking about what to play next year a bit now as I don't have much left on my agenda for this year.  Sure I might still play the marines once more at LVO in Feb so I can wrap up the ITC series and see if I can pop out near the top Space Marine list and hopefully top 10 overall.

However next year I think I'll play a... less crowded Codex.  At first I was thinking Dark Angels with my yellow marines.  Dark Angels is certainly less crowded and if I just played enough events I might be able to snag that overall.  However... maybe not!  It isn't a great list I have though it can probably win 1/2 the games.  Also it is boring as hell to play.  I might bring it out a bit just to get it out of my system.

The other army I have been wanting to bring out more is my Orks.  I've only really played a game or two with the new book and the games were fun though I think I lost them.  I've been tweaking a couple of different builds using self ally as well as the Ghaz ally.  This is a bit of the line up I'm thinking about trying out a bit.

Big Mek, KFF, Bike, Cybork, Bosspole, Da Finkn Kap, Grot Oiler, Warlord
Warboss in Mega Armor, Bosspole, Da Lucky Stick
11 Tankbustas, 1 Boss Nob, Bosspole, Trukk w Ram
4 Meganobz, Battlewagon w Big Shoota, Ram, Grot Riggers
29 Boyz, Nob, Bosspole, PK
10 Gretchin, Herder
9 Lootas
9 Lootas
5 Lobbas, 2 Ammor Runts

Painboy, Grot Orderly
18 Ard Boyz, Nob, PK, Bosspole
Battlewagon w Big Shoota, Ram, Grot Riggers

This is one way of trying this list out but you can do several differnent things with the same models roughly.  You could make the warboss the warlord and dump the Mek as the ally HQ.  You could get the points to get the 4++ KFF.  That might be the better choice, the ability to get two Strategic warlod traits might just be a trap.

So after this weekend I'll see if I can get some practice with this list.  I pretty much have this but my trukks are the old little things, as are my gretching the terrible old fixed pose.  Those will do for some test games before I buy them and make the list tourny ready as it may just be terrible.

I did/do have some other bits to work on for this in the mean time.  I already have 6 orks with rokkits.  So I decided to finish up some other rokkit orks I have for tank bustas and kit bash a nob together.

These came out fine and the good news is after lord knows how long since I painted orks they match up pretty darn will with the existing guys that I painted years ago.

I also decided to kit back the Mek and a warbike.  I had done a warboss/Nob years ago too using these old 3rd ed bikes I have.  He's a little small for a Big Mek but he'll do in a pinch.

It isn't much to look at now but I'll get it some paint and see how it comes together.

I was going to buy a little KFF bit as they have them on ebay from the 'Nauts and the Meganobz pack but they are $10.  I'm not sure how this is going to work so I decided to just kit bash it entirely.

Overall I think it's a neat little kit bash.  It has been awhile since I got to do something like this so it was a nice change of pace.

Of to Clovis tomorrow, hopefully for some really fun games!

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